Reality vs. Photoshopped

Here are just a few examples of the ferocious attempt by the DRF PR machine to make Mary into something she is not.  The photographs released of her by the official photographers are heavily photoshopped and airbrushed – take a look.

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5 Responses to Reality vs. Photoshopped

  1. HOXX says:

    Just goes to prove that all the bulky bling in the world won’t change her, she radiates boganism no matter what.

  2. Lyndall says:

    Did anyone notice last week’s (Monday, 18 Feb 2011) covers of (Australian) magazines, “Woman’s Day” and “New Idea”? Both had an identical photo of Mary, Frederik and the twins outside the church, post-christening – but the “Woman’s Day” photo was Photoshopped Mary’s face (erasing all eye lines and darkening her skin) and Fred’s worn, tired and lined eyes – so obvious in comparison. And the “Woman’s Day” has shifted her head to an unnatural angle? Don’t understand why changes were made? No improvement at all.

  3. deariegracious says:

    The official 2009 pics are the eyeopener for me. It might almost be a different girl. It looks like they took the fifth anniversary pic and photoshopped the head from that one onto the official shoulders. Bizarre.

  4. Maria1 says:

    I’m getting the sense you don’t like the woman. :p

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