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Merci for the heads up!

because a dear comment alerted moi to the fact that Mary just looked fantASStic at the Berleburg wedding! Gotta love the trashiness of this piece of shit bogan princess and the extremes she will go to for some attention.  And … Continue reading

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The Brides of Dracula out shopping

Myra and her “BFF” – the Baroness who looks like Helle, went out shopping.  Doesn’t Myra’s banana clip look ever so klassy? Here she is telling her hired help to hold her purchases – what a piece of trash, ain’t … Continue reading

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Freshly pressed and stuffed

Knocked up royal Princess Nathalie of Berleburg married her prematurely bald and aged-looking baby daddy today.  Myra was there amongst other badly-dressed, terrible-posture-showing royals. She looks wonderful for a 55-year-old, does she not?  Those plumped up cheeks and that smooth … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with the twins? A poll for y’all!

Why haven’t we seen Mary’s newest accessories?  HMMMMMMMM?????? There is something wrong with Vinnie the Kid There is something wrong with Josie Grossie There is something wrong with both Josie’s not cute enough and just bringing Vinnie out would be … Continue reading

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June 2011 CP Mary Useless Royal Award

As you read a couple of months ago, I created this award to “honor” the royal who is least worth his share of oxygen, in my not so humble but very snarky opinion. The June 2011 award goes to . … Continue reading

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Myra at a conference

Wearing the most godawful, body inflating, hiding the baby pooch, floaty top ever.  Honestly, that thing makes her look three times thicker.  Did she hide a “little friend” under those pants?  Because sister looks awfully happy – I’m guessing Ferd … Continue reading

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Once again, Ferd doesn’t help Myra

The fecal pustule that is CP Ferd might be a prince and all, but he was never taught, or never learned, to help a woman navigate tricky terrain.  Yeah, I wish Myra would faceplant, I admit it, but it reflects … Continue reading

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Frederik can barely tear himself away . . .

from his beloved wife and children to go watch some tennis in France.  He’s just gutted, don’t you think?  So sad and melancholy, missing his dear soulmate! Poor man, how he can force himself to be away from the love … Continue reading

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