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Yeah, but where ARE the twins?

The suck-up Australian Embassy in Denmark gave a reception to commemorate the birth of the bogan twins. Sorry, you ignorant cow, but all I see are ghastly white flabby arms and a serious tum-tum that has been corseted, to no … Continue reading

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In comparison . . .

When Mary wore this dress so Fred’s 40th birthday party , you could see her bony chest.  Thanks to Cece for the heads up!  Now, she looks like a fucking pink barrel with shitty fuzz all over.

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Time to diet, Myra!

Wow, Myra got fat!  She ain’t losing that baby weight as fast as she’d like!  Time to cut back on the lettuce and water, bitch!

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Damage control!!!

SOMEONE has been told to show some fucking affection for her kid, no?  All of a sudden IsNOTabella is the golden child, and Myra cannot get enough of her.  YEAH fucking RIGHT! Mary has always either used her kid to … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, the dream Danish princess . . .

manages to undo some of the damage Mary has done.  Back when Joachim was married to Alexandra Manley, the brothers were quite close.  That ended when Mary came on the scene.  The brothers became estranged and the tension between them … Continue reading

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What the fuck? Isn’t that HER job???

CP Myra has hired a PR firm to help her promote her foundation, the Mary Fonden. What the fuckety fuck???  Isn’t Myra the most popular royal in Denmark?  Isn’t Myra the high-powered former PR executive?  Isn’t Myra the most beloved … Continue reading

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Can’t they just announce the divorce already?

Instead of bullshitting us with these fake, posed, awkward, uncomfortable, and stupid Family Life pics?

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Celebrating the love

Yeah right! Myra and Ferd went out for their anniversary, and what the fuck is she wearing?  Those shoes are hiddy!

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Have the royal jewelers and Marianne Dulong . . .

seen this site? Diamond Tiaras It’s a site full of copies of Mary’s tiaras, jewelry both given to her by the Queen and made by designer Marianne Dulong, that some Mary fangirl makes to sell to other fangirls.  Gotta love … Continue reading

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Korean gala

Mary was not there to receive the Korean delegation or at the reception the Koreans gave at the Glyptotek.  She was there at the gala, in a Angelina Jolie-accepting-her-Oscar gown.  Not a happy camper, this one.

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