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Boring boring boring

The much awaited pics of the bogan twins are out and . . . yawn . . . here they are. Wow, Frederik looks like complete and utter shit, doesn’t he? Two fugly babies dressed in non-colors.  Lovely.  This photoshoot … Continue reading

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Call the WAAAAAAAmbulance!

because poor wittle Fweddy thinks life sucks! He finds no motivation – um, it’s called a family, your four kids if not your bitch wife, your future as King, please go get your balls from Myra’s purse already! I’m guessing … Continue reading

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Skinny bitch, falling uterus

Bile Barf has a feature of Myra’s hard work paying off – Myra Skinny Again! It looks like the royal uterus is about to fall out of Myra’s cooch. At least IsNOTabella is wearing colors, but pink and red?  So … Continue reading

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Random thoughts with Princess Mary

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Twin princess in hospital with a “cold”

According to Bile Barf, the royal ass sucking magazine. I’m sorry but a normal newborn who has a cold is rarely admitted to hospital.  This poor baby girl had to be sicker than a plain old cold.  Either that, or … Continue reading

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L – O – V – E with Ferd and Myra

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Tre & Quatro getting baptized on April 14

Mary should have healed up nicely from the tummy tuck by then! Wonder if she will once again wear the floral barfeteria hair ornament like she did for the two previous christenings: She wore blue for the boy, pink (yawn) … Continue reading

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Plastik Fantastik!

Let’s do a quick run down of the tweaks, nips and changes Myra has gone through, shall we?   Mostly because I think the reason she’s not tiptoeing through the tulips with a twin hanging from each teat is because she’s … Continue reading

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What’s that saying?

Oh yeah! So what do you see in Mary’s soul? Greed?  Annoyance?  Insecurity?  Terror?  Cluelessness?  Disgust?  Smugness?  Attention seeking?  Boredom?  Fake smiles?  Self-centeredness?  Too much makeup?

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An ode to Princess Marie

Oh Princess Marie, won’t you sit by me? You seem charming and sweet, and oh so petite. You love your dear child, and those stepsons so wild. Here you are at a fashion show, but wherever you are you have … Continue reading

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