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Poor little IsNOT is four today

Four miserable years of being mistreated by her cunt of a mother, poor little fat-faced tyke.  Unless someone steps in to undo the damage Mary has done to her daughter, there are years of therapy ahead for IsNOTabella. Advertisements

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I was wrong!

Someone DOES stand up for Mary – the person at Billed Bladet who has sold his or her soul in order to get exclusive interviews from Mary & kin.  I don’t know if it’s the owner, director, editor-in-chief, or what, … Continue reading

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Reality vs. Photoshopped

Here are just a few examples of the ferocious attempt by the DRF PR machine to make Mary into something she is not.  The photographs released of her by the official photographers are heavily photoshopped and airbrushed – take a … Continue reading

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Like white on rice . . .

like makeup like CP Mary . . . like a blond on Frederik . . . what sticks to toilet paper? The lovely Cece alerted me to this pic, and I share it with you – go check out her … Continue reading

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Today’s word is Vivisection

Because everything and more that has already come to Mary is absolutely, 100%, no question about it, what she deserves. A christening is a celebration, a moment of joy, a cherished time in a child’s life.  There was no joy … Continue reading

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No one stands up for Mary

A night of clubbing after the christening (wtf?) but Bogan Bitch wasn’t there.  Everyone else was, though.  No one missed the celebration and no one stood up for Mary and told Fred to fuck off.  The only one missing was … Continue reading

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And after Ziggy came . . .

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What IsNOTabella thought

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If Papa Donaldson had balls . . .

he would have refused to go to the christening and stood up for his daughter.  Frederik just made a fool of Mary (again) by cavorting with some chick at a club.  But I guess the free food is too tempting, … Continue reading

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