I was wrong!

Someone DOES stand up for Mary – the person at Billed Bladet who has sold his or her soul in order to get exclusive interviews from Mary & kin.  I don’t know if it’s the owner, director, editor-in-chief, or what, but they had a shockingly (not) coincidental (not) photo shoot of Mary and Fred, so in love (they couldn’t even bother touching) and her Oz-billy family.

The Bile Barf reporter just happened to be there (yeah right) when Mary and co. surprisingly (my ass!) came out and casually (completely planned) strolled around.

Mary was so nice (hello, she hasn’t been nice since she stopped eating solids back in 2003!) and chatted casually (i.e. with a forced smile) to the Bile Barf reporter (sycophant ass-licker).

So you read it here first.  I was so wrong.  Mary does have someone to stand up for her.  Unfortunately it’s not her husband, who at 40-something and with 4 kids, still goes out to party and get smashed with young things.  It’s not her pappy either, because he’ll suck up to the cheating husband as long as Pappy gets in the papers.  It’s not her sister or BFF Amber toilet-paper Petty, because they’re happy to party with royalty too.  It’s not any of the Danish royals, who couldn’t give a shit about her back at Grasten when she dropped the bomb about her twin pregnancy, or at the Christening, where everyone was so tense the only one having a good time was IsNOT.

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One Response to I was wrong!

  1. JJumbo says:

    Mary is so vile! We saw her pics and outfits in the US – what a tryer twat.

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