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Kids can’t bother with Myra!

oh and Pingo, you and your nasty comments are now automatically sent to the trash, where you belong!     Advertisements

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57-year-old Myra at a naval ceremony

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Why is Myra looking so fucking old?

Even the kiss-ass German press is weighing on it!

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Former stripper Myra goes to work

Former CP of Denmark and pole dancer Myra, 78, went to some school thing today. Wearing a white halter top leftover from her “entertainment” days at the Slip Inn, the old hag tried to cover up the ravages of time … Continue reading

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Ferdy can’t speak to save his fucking life!

    Yet another incident where Ferdy the Fickle can’t even manage a coherent sentence.  What a fucking loser!!!!          

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Myra suing mag for showing she’s not perfect

You knew this would happen sooner of later, right?  This cannot be allowed!!! Apparently Se og Hor published pics of Myra in a bikini, cellulite in full display.  And she is suing.  What a loser!  Here is the pic:

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The Countess Despair

I don’t know about these people who think Myra is on her way out, this bitch is here to stay, sadly.  Slow Danes indeed!

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Myra is . . .

strong like bull and hairy like animal!  and wearing a dainty Jackie O dress ain’t disguising those facts, dearie!  

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