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Christian the Creepy is SIX

Poor kid.  You gotta feel sorry for this little fucker.  With a pussy-whipped, drug and drink-happy father and a narcissistic, selfish cow/camera whore for a mother, he has very little chance of having any emotional stability. Someone’s not used to listening … Continue reading

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First Day of School

Creepy Christian goes off to school flanked by useless Ferd and poser Myra Look at the dad, dressed in a jacket; the kid, dressed in shirt with a sweater – then look at the mum, dressed in a floaty dress … Continue reading

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Freebies for the next generations

Creepy Christian got a pair of Greenland boots to commemorate the fact that he’s going to school.  Mm-hmm.  If his mama has taught him right, then it’s only one of the many, many freebies Prince Freaky will get in his … Continue reading

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A vacation for “hard working” Ferd and Myra

in the south of France.  Fucking parasites! Ferd wonders if he can off himself by jumping out the window. Whiny fuck Christian got bitten by a bug. Christian the FlatHeaded looks like he’s on the autism spectrum Myra, cheerful as … Continue reading

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Can’t they just announce the divorce already?

Instead of bullshitting us with these fake, posed, awkward, uncomfortable, and stupid Family Life pics?

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Today’s word is Vivisection

Because everything and more that has already come to Mary is absolutely, 100%, no question about it, what she deserves. A christening is a celebration, a moment of joy, a cherished time in a child’s life.  There was no joy … Continue reading

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Call the WAAAAAAAmbulance!

because poor wittle Fweddy thinks life sucks! He finds no motivation – um, it’s called a family, your four kids if not your bitch wife, your future as King, please go get your balls from Myra’s purse already! I’m guessing … Continue reading

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On their best behavior

You have to forgive the dear children.  You see, their nannies, i.e. the people that they actually respect and obey, were not around. This is how they behave with their useless parasite parents:

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Bogan Trek: The next generation

I’m not saying other royal kids don’t act up on occasion (ahem, Froilan kicking a flower girl at Letizia and Felipe’s wedding?) but Frederik and Mary’s kids are massively fucked up.  Christian is already exhibiting attention whoring tendencies, and IsNOTabella … Continue reading

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