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  1. Peggy says:

    The full size pic on the EB site is priceless- it shows Myra with her trademark rounded shoulders! Lol

    She even EATS with contempt! That’s a lot of energy she uses negatively. What a bitch! Oh and Mary, your skirt’s too tight. Try an A-line next time! She’s too oblivious to her old lady pooch. You can’t put yourself through three pregnancies, be on the brink ofiddle age and not have one. Plus she has saddlebags, too. Gross that she has to show us every curve and bump.

  2. Pede says:

    Oh Denmark, look very closely: This is your future Queen Consort, when she’s not aware of or not spazzing in front of cameras. As I said the truth will come out rather sooner than later. Bon App├ętit!

  3. Joanna says:

    Did you see the NYC interview? Myra hardly let Ferd get two words in. And even better, the presenter spends most of the spot talking about how glamorous the Swedish royal family is.


    Oh, and Myra’s meeting Duchess Do-Little next week. I’m sure they’ll bond over swapping starvation techniques.

  4. Lyndall Eeg says:

    Thanks for this. What website do I find the full-size EB photo on, please?

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