a bogan goes shopping

What is the most important part of this trip to New York?  Why, Mary says it’s the shopping, of course, you stupid slow Danes!

Myra is about to cream herself because she is in a Real Store, as opposed to those shitty Danish stores she has to make do with.  Please.  She did not marry Ferd the Buffoon to wear Danish clothes!  She did not birth four kids to wear Danish couture!  Who are we fucking kidding!  Bitch wants the real stuff, the stuff glam New Yorkers wear.  Although, ‘tween you and me, glam New Yorkers don’t give a fucking shit about this trashy bogan shore!

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4 Responses to a bogan goes shopping

  1. Peggy says:

    What’s so funny about Mary at Saks is that it shows her mediocre thinking and run of the mill, cashed up bogan tastes. Yes, Saks sells some beautiful, high end clothing. But it is the kind of place tourists and the bridge and tunnel crowd ( American bogans) think is the pinnacle of style and fashion. THAT is why big designers sell there. Mid- level managers from nearby midtown offices, moms and daughters from St. Louis, girls from Garden City, Long Island who want something “classy” – that’s who shops at Saks. A stylish, European crown princess should be sitting in the salon of a couture designer with Anna Wintour or a local society maven she knows from the charity circuit. Or a boutique on the Upper East Side if she has a specific shopping list. Maybe Barney’s if she needs a more comprehensive shopping experience. Saks does have personal shoppers who will help direct guests with money to flattering, lovely clothes (and these are people whose job it is to tell you if that dress makes your saggy butt cheeks look like a bulldog’s face). Tellingly, there is no such person with Mary. At least Anja wasn’t flown in for such a stupid shopping trip.

  2. Chantal says:

    Totally agree! It’s similar to the pilgrimage to Harrod’s by frumpy tourists. Can you imagine the supremely elegant Sheikha Mozah dropping by a department store to shop while in New York? Never! Why? She has her own highly developed sense of style and instinctively knows which designer collections suit her image and taste.

  3. Lynnea says:

    How much do you want to bet that with all the great shops in New York, and all the money she’s going to spend, she still dresses in all the wrong colors and all the wrong styles? I think all she sees are the lables and price tags and certainly not what the mirror reflects.

  4. Kelly says:

    Wow, she looks genuinely happy. Not the fake smile she cranks out when she’s at charity events or out with her kids.

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