Let’s all do the bump!

Because Myra certainly did!  She did the bump, the lump, the droopy ass, the back fat, and countless other horrific moves in a gown suited only for someone with a flawless figure.  Which she DOES not have, despite her delusions.

Just look at the journalists’ faces!!!  They’re all like “what the fuck?  This chick thinks she can wear that?  What a fucking nutter!”

Then she danced with her loving husband

Ah, if that is not the look of love, I don’t know what is!

Even one of the sugarboarders dared say the dress was one size too small – then a kool-aid drinking psychopath responded “what makes you say that?!”

Um, the bumps and lumps, you fucking delusional moron!

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4 Responses to Let’s all do the bump!

  1. Lotte Noive says:

    These pics are scary gross! Add Mary to the list of kool-aid drinking psychopaths for thinking she could pull that dress off, I love the bottom picture where you can tell she’s trying to get away from Fred’s alcohol-breath. I don’t blame you Fred, I’d have to get drunk to pretend to care about that bogan slapper, too! lol

  2. Lynnea says:

    Guess she’s never heard of Spanx. They should be on the top of her wardrobe expense.

  3. Cece says:

    Lynnea, look again. She is wearing Spanx! There is a heavy line at her waist, and another one at mid-thigh that you can see when she’s in mid-stride. And it still doesn’t help! Narcissists are delusional about their appearances. She will see the photos and still think she looks hot! That’s the sociopathy!

  4. Cece says:

    Just saw BB’s pics of this event – they photoshopped Mary a very fine, perky arse. It is most definitely not the same booty that is in the second photo. Yrma’s media slaves will do whatever McCann Group’s PR arm makes them do – Mary had it written into the contract!

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