A bogan in a bad dress

All of the fat that is being corseted off of Myra’s torso is being funneled to her arms, which look so thick that she cannot even put her arms down all the way.  Next to her, a child-man playing dress up soldier because he hasn’t earned any of those fucking medals, a sassy lady, cute old man, and fat Madde.

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2 Responses to A bogan in a bad dress

  1. Lotte Noive says:

    Mary looks unbelievably bad. She really is a delusional bitch, isn’t she? It looks like her corset came with the same kind of presque zizi cage that trannies use. Maybe she called RuPaul for tips on how to control it?

    I don’t get the Madde hate, though. She’s got a gorgeous haircolor now which is a positive departure from the young Barbie doll look, and she’s hardly fat, but definitely not afraid of carbs and eating in general. A very healthy young woman, I’d say, especially since she saw her sister go through an eating disorder when Madde was at a very vulnerable age for that crap.

  2. Kelly says:

    Madeleine’s almost twice Mary’s size but she still managed to steal the spotlight. Bogan must be seething….

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