Myra gets new cheeks!

In a desperate, pathetic attempt to keep a toe-hold on her fading looks, Myra has shiny new cheeks!

And she has Ferd’s balls hanging from her necklace!

Not even new cheeks can make this poor lass smile – Myra sure ain’t got the touch, that’s for sure!

The poor girl now has to cope with a lifetime of horrid memories of meeting this most bogan of all creatures!


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2 Responses to Myra gets new cheeks!

  1. Joanna says:

    More like a desperate, pathetic attempt to look like Kate Middleton. The hair, the eyeliner and the sudden appearance of lots of dark blue in her wardrobe (exhibit a – the twins christening outfit)…she’s not fooling anyone!

  2. mischa says:

    She looks busted. She’ll beat Queen Silvia for “The Joker” look soon enough. But Silvia was actually pretty in her youth, Mary was average and so, so plain. And now she’s gotten rid of any ‘prettiness’ she might have had…those fake cheeks look painful. They’re lopsided, hard as rocks, and much too obvious.

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