68-year-old Myra at awards presentation

With cheeks freshly plumped up and a retirement home-worthy hairdo!

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3 Responses to 68-year-old Myra at awards presentation

  1. Lynnea says:

    Is that a double, or a triple, chin Myra is sporting? Poor thing, no diet seems to be working for her, or her chins.

  2. Lynnea says:

    Holy Macrotia!

    I was scrolling thru the photographs of Myra, the Cuntess of Monpezat, on this blog, and I only now just realized how absolutely HUGE her ears are. I don’t know how I didn’t notice them before. Those suckers are IMMENSE. If they could flap, she could fly.

    Scary medical trivia, unless a person has had plastic surgery on the nose or ears, they are the only body parts that continue to grow once a person reaches maturity. Can you imagine how big those things are going to be by the time she hits 60?

    Maybe she should cut out a few shopping trips and find a plastic surgeon that specializes in the surgical procedure of otoplasty. (Otoplasty is the alteration, or sculpting, of the cartilage in the problem areas of the ears. Common non-medical terms include “bat wing ears,” “Dumbo ears,” and “Mickey Mouse ears”)

    No, somehow I can’t imagine her giving up the mega shopping trips she got married for, just to get rid of those huge ears.

    She at least should wear her hair down and covering those humungous flesh flaps.

  3. mischa says:

    Good lord. I’ve never seen an uglier photo of her…until now. Those cheeks look gross. They’re too big for her face and doesn’t help improve her looks one bit. She looks like she got stung by bees. Painful and pitiful. She’s so desperate to look pretty and stay young.

    Even with plastic surgery, Mary is so nouveau-riche: she can’t get enough, so she must always buy and have new things.

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