Myra is . . .

strong like bull and hairy like animal!  and wearing a dainty Jackie O dress ain’t disguising those facts, dearie!


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2 Responses to Myra is . . .

  1. Sunny says:

    Wow. Her eyes lighting up and getting bigger once she sees the cameras. Or maybe she got another round of eyelid surgery to fight against gravity pulling her surgically botched, droopy lids down. The cheek implants are more noticeable since she’s starving herself again. Probably got some botox and a mini-face lift, too, seeing how her face is too tight, frozen and unable to move. Maybe she can’t breathe, the maid laced up her corset too tightly to contain the extra flab that Mary is desperate to hide.

    Have you seen that shot of Mary’s back at this event, where there are odd lumps on her back and a**? She looked liked a stuffed sausage wearing a very tight corset and the dress straining because it was too small of her already. Sister needs to let go of her then-skeletal body image. You know she must work out like crazy trying to lose the weight the twins pregnancy gave her.

    And why, after 7 years, does her makeup artist not know how to apply makeup properly?

  2. Donna says:

    And apparently, her hairdresser had the day off. Her hair looks like crap.

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