A bogan in Africa

Hi kids!  I’m Myra, a poser cunt from Denmark, a country full of white people.  I didn’t use to be this white but I used bleaching cream.  Hey, how about I bring back tons of Ole Henriksen’s bleaching cream and then you all can be just like ME!!!



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4 Responses to A bogan in Africa

  1. Marie Antoinette says:

    Why on earth didn’t the crane practise her empathetic “I give a damn” pose before they shipped her off to Africa????? Her chum, the famous actor Preben Kristensen might even have taught her how to appear jolly for a buck? A smile and maybe even a crocodile tear would work wonders. Instead we get this smug mug. Utterly appaling!

  2. pixiecat says:

    These people have suffered enough. Why must they now be subjected to Posing Mary? What a joke this trip is. All Mary’s done is pose, pose, pose. She doesn’t care at all about actually helping these people. This is just a photo-op for her. Yet another PR fail!

  3. Pingo says:

    No. She is is fact a poser cunt from Australia.

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