Myra endures

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9 Responses to Myra endures

  1. Sunny says:

    Vincent is cute. This twin girl is not, unfortunately. Is there something wrong with her jaw? The shape of her face is so odd.

    I hope Mary doesn’t think about having more kids. Aside from being a burden for the taxpayers with her lavish and lazy lifestyle, thieving of clothes from shops, and her kids being used as props for her latest “fake it ’til you make it’ photos, she and Fred do NOT produce good-looking children.

    Maybe there’s hope for this twin girl, though. Remember Isabella? She’s gotten cuter, although she’s still homely as heck.

  2. deariegracious says:

    Jojo looks utterly unimpressed too.

  3. Lynnea says:

    If it wasn’t a phot op you know she wouldn’t be anywhere near that child

  4. pixiecat says:

    What is wrong with that poor child’s face? It’s shaped like a baboon’s face (prominent lower region that extends much further than the top half of the face). Seriously…what is causing this? She’s not healthy looking at all. This is not just a “chubby-cheeked baby”. Something isn’t right here. Poor kid.

  5. HOXX says:

    OMG that kid looks like a bulldog, let’s hope it has a personality to counteract the face…!

  6. Pingo says:

    how could any offspring with convict genes be considered cute ?

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