Myra turns 60!

Here she is greeted by some dude at her sixtieth birthday party – look at the old girl, looking barely fifty!

Happy birthday, Myra!  With that flat, faded hair, the wrinkles, and stick up your ass, you don’t look sixty at all!  You just look seventy!

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5 Responses to Myra turns 60!

  1. deariegracious says:

    OK yep this one is no good – that is some serious post partum hair happening there. I had the hair loss problem myself after pregnancy so I am sympathetic with her on that front. Plus it’s the man’s birthday, not hers, she’s 40 next Feb. But yeah, betting this pic disappears quickly from official records…..

  2. deariegracious says:

    Her hair just looks SO different here to the way it looks in, say the Graasten pics.

  3. Kelly says:

    On first glance I thought that was Queen Silvia!

  4. Cece says:

    That dude is Ove Ullerup, Daisy’s court marshall. He seems to be instructing her as kindly and patiently as he can in etiquette, as he’s probably done a million times since 2003. But Mary Donaldson just laughs it off thinking he’s flirting with her!

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