Greedy Myra taking clothes from shops!

Myra and her “stylist/partner in crime” Anja are simply taking clothes from shops without paying – they go in, browse, and simply go home with clothes – the shopkeepers are appalled at this greediness but OTOH they get some PR from Myra wearing their clothes on her nasty old carcass.

What a disgusting pair – and then they sell the FREE used clothes at Anja’s shop Haberdash.  So basically, Myra is making money from these shopkeepers by taking their stock without paying and then reselling it after her stench has permeated the clothes!

She has also sent Ferd to pick up clothes she has selected – can you believe her fucking nerve?


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9 Responses to Greedy Myra taking clothes from shops!

  1. Donna says:

    Unbelievable. Do other royals do this? Especially under this economic climate.

  2. Lucy Baker says:

    Then she sells them at privately! Unbelievable!

  3. Kelly says:

    She completely lacks class. Looting Danish boutiques as if she’s on an episode of Supermarket Sweep! This is such outrageous and tacky behaviour. The only thing that puzzles me though is if the shopkeepers are so incensed, why do they keep offering to give her free clothes?

    • Cece says:

      Kelly, the silence of the shopkeepers is in keeping with the force of the silent compliance of the Danish people toward anything their royals do. This is the same force that keeps Crown Princess Mary of Donaldson in cotton wool and high popularity. If it’s practically lese majeste to suggest that Mary received IVF treatments, had her unwanted children via C-section, or is nothing less than Denmark’s most beautiful fashion icon, then to suggest that Madam is a common criminal is just.not.done. This is the climate, you’ll recall, in which – among other things – a bogan slapper like Mary Donaldson can fire and shame an internationally renowned skin care expert, Ole Hendriksen, and practically banish him to permanent foreign residency in Los Angeles after he casually mentioned that Mary liked his bleaching and anti-aging cremes. This shit is not just tolerated, it is supported as an extension of Danish patriotism!

      • Kelly says:

        Great point Cece. I guess the tax exemption alone just isn’t enough for her. Despite the fact it’s Mary we’re dealing with here, I’m still completely blown away by the level of her greed.

  4. pixiecat says:

    In the US, this is known as fencing: stealing something and then selling it. It’s a felony. I cannot believe that this isn’t causing an uproar in DK. This behavior is disgusting and not at all different than that of a common street criminal.

  5. Jae09 says:

    I think what’s more offensive is that many Danes don’t think this kind of behavior is something to frown upon and nothing will come out of this issue. I think most Danes will not say anything against the DRF, short of murder. And even then, who knows? They’d probably just ignore it or make up some excuse why the murder was necessary. Makes me sick.

    Remember the Rigmor Zobel dinner scandal? The press pretty much swept that under the rug, and nobody batted an eyelash and dared to speak up about Mary dining with a convicted criminal. There was one person who splashed the magazine with the headline on Mary’s face, but he was manhandled by Per Thornit.

    The blond scandal with Fred also didn’t last. Nobody called him out on dancing with young blondes while his wife and kids stayed at home. Nobody talks about the coldness and distance between him and Mary, because the Clown couple provide the quota for “We are so in love” photo shoots that look fake as hell.

    This freeloading, greedy, self-entitled royal family gets away with shady dealings and having connections with more than one Human Rights violator (Mugabe, for one) because the public lets them do whatever they want. It’s like stomping and beating on the Danish taxpayers and the Danes still say, “Thank you for the bruises. Would you like my lunch money, too?”

    Can you imagine this happening with the Spanish royals? Or the Windsors? They’d have been grilled by many media sects by now about this kind of practice, which in some countries, is considered criminal.

  6. Pingo says:

    Never, I suppose. I mean after all, Miss Ortiz and Miss Middleton are pure class, arent they ?

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