Like mother, like daughter

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6 Responses to Like mother, like daughter

  1. Jae09 says:

    Isabella’s behavior is really poor. She’s not charming or cute, just rowdy and even annoying. She seems to have realized that the only way to get attention is to actually demand it by doing these antics that I’ve never seen any other royal kid do. Amalia of the Netherlands was a lively, animated child but she never resorted to horsing around to get attention.

    I get that she’s just a child, and some kids can be really boisterous, but Fred and Mary better start giving her enough attention, guide her to better behavior, or both, because if she doesn’t grow out of this phase, it’s not gonna be cute anymore. Isabella also looks like she’s very aware of the cameras already, and that she knows what to do to play up to them and get attention. Maybe she’s been watching and idolizing Mor too much and copying her behavior?

    Mary doesn’t look like she’s enjoying playing with her daughter. She had a scowl on her face the entire time.

  2. Ruth says:


  3. Max Greiner says:

    Well said, Jae09, you must have read my mind. Previously, Isabella behaved in a fun and spunky way, lately, however, it is nothing but annoying and seems rather calculated. She puts on a performance, exactly like her mother does. Poor children, I feel so very sorry for all four of them. They all appear to have issues, and not all caused by having to grow up in a dysfunctional family.

  4. Cece says:

    It’s pretty clear that Mary does not actively parent her children. Izzy isn’t being playful or energetic so much as filled with a nervous, frenetic energy now that she is actually alone with only close family members, the way a normal family should be. Except this gathering is obviously such a rarity that Izzy acts up to get any kind of negative attention. She has been taught to act this way from her distant parents, especially her More. I think Fred actually loves and is charmed by his children, but even he is too far gone in his depths of dispair to do much with them. On the plus side, it is nice to see Mary’s daughters in clothing that is suitable for young princesses. Must have been a pressie from Grammy Daisy or Auntie Marie.

    • boganhater says:

      Absolutely, Cece. Mary is very obviously not at ease in dealing with her children. She is either chastising them or annoyed by them, that’s about it. The posed, fake smiles are for the cameras and everyone knows it.

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