Myra sheds a tear

Ja ja, so sad, ja, so tragic, my arms are still too fat and my belly too big, I needed 5 more days on the Dukan diet!  Damn it!  Had to cut my vacation short, ja, so sad!

Where the fuck are the photographers?  Don’t they know it is their job to photograph ME????

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2 Responses to Myra sheds a tear

  1. Kelly says:

    Crocodile tear! She’s so fake.

  2. Cece says:

    Look at her eye makeup – not gone or smudged. Look at her eyes – white as her bleached teeth. She is faking it for the cameras. If she were really choked up, her face wouldn’t be that “open” – wide eyes, open jaw/mouth. She’s be more pulled into her grief and it would show on her face. This is Mary’s Starf*cker Tourette’s at work, not actually grief. Narcissists can’t feel compassion or empathy.

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