Merci Kelly!

Dare we wonder how many people Myra fired after seeing this shot of herself?

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One Response to Merci Kelly!

  1. Jae09 says:

    I’ve never thought she could be uglier and cheaper than that photo of her sans makeup in France about 2 years ago. But this just takes the cake. She’s never been good-looking, but she looks so ugly and trashy in this photo. She just that overall absence of charm, grace, and class. This just proves that without her army of stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists, she looks like an busted, badly aging 50 year old. Her small saving grace are the Prada and Louboutins that can make her look somewhat ‘rich’.

    She always looks like she’s unpleasant to be around with, and when not aware of the cameras, always has a scowl on her face. I’d hate to be invited to one of her “holidays” to be used as a divider for her and Fred. Speaking of Fred, he’s starting to look like crap again. No parties in Caix and no blondes…

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