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  1. Pede says:

    Well, slap me hard, and call me Sally…..they better lock up this pretentious lying hussy in one of their dungeons, we wouldn’t like her showing up with her baby at the wedding, would we now?!

    If this is true….the wedding will be better than Circus Roncalli…my…my

    Thank you for finding this verrrrry interesting tid-bit. (*thumbs up*)

  2. Lynnea says:

    Wow. Hadn’t heard anything about all the troubles going on pertaining to the wedding. Seems that the majority of the royals are a f’ed up mess. Thanks for the info

  3. pixiecat says:

    They just can’t get her haircolor to mask her grey, course hair on the side of her head. All I see when I look at pics of Mary with her hair slicked back on the sides is weird hair color and course looking old lady hair. She needs to stop pulling her hair back. It ages her.

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