The Brides of Dracula out shopping

Myra and her “BFF” – the Baroness who looks like Helle, went out shopping.  Doesn’t Myra’s banana clip look ever so klassy?

Here she is telling her hired help to hold her purchases – what a piece of trash, ain’t she?

Wow, someone is really falling apart!

Not one or Myra’s most successful outings.  You’re trying too hard, Myra!  Just accept your boganness!

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2 Responses to The Brides of Dracula out shopping

  1. Jae09 says:

    Greasy hair and tacky banana clip? Checked. Awful makeup? Checked. Pretentious outfit for a day out shopping? Checked. Bitching out her bodyguards? Checked.

    She’s so ugly. Inside and out.

    There’s just that sense of cheapness coming off of her that ruins every outfit she wears. She just doesn’t have a refined bone in her body, and no matter how much she postures and pretends that she was born for this role, she is NOT. Her posture is horrible, she looks and walks like a man, she can’t hide her obnoxious behavior and habits, and she just doesn’t look like a kind person. She looks very angry and mean, and I wonder if the lack of friends both in Australia and Denmark, except for hangers-on like Amber and Helle, was the result of her just being an unpleasant, uninteresting person and not because she all dropped them so they can’t tattle about her past? Maybe she really has no true friends and her friendship with Amber is more like mutual dependency and each gets something from the other?

  2. Lucy Baker says:

    Who wears killer stilletts out shopping? Poor Mary – she expected Hell to turn up dressed to the nines and she just had to compete. Sort of. She looks awkward and horrible.

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