Merci for the heads up!

because a dear comment alerted moi to the fact that Mary just looked fantASStic at the Berleburg wedding!

Gotta love the trashiness of this piece of shit bogan princess and the extremes she will go to for some attention.  And gotta love the Looks of Death she is getting from Pavlos and Tatiana, no?


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5 Responses to Merci for the heads up!

  1. lynnea says:

    oh sweet baby jebus…. wtf was she thinking wearing that? can’t she afford a stylist? won’t one of her minions tell her that wearing a non color washes her out? and what is going on with her hair? looks more like something i’d do before getting in the shower, not something any woman would wear to wedding, much less a faux princess. just glad i can’t see her face, seeing her ass is bad enough.

  2. Jae09 says:

    Now we know why Mary always looks like she’s about to get sick in royal gatherings — the royals can’t stand her. Pavlos’s expression says he doesn’t care about whatever Mary’s saying and IMO he and his wife, MC, cannot tolerate Mary at all. Wasn’t it at Prince Charles’s 60th bday party that Mary and Fred stayed with MC and Pavlos? MC looked grim and pissed while walking behind Mary. I don’t think MC likes the pretentious bogan very much.

    Tatiana’s face while looking at Mary doesn’t look very open and welcoming. The only one smiling was the woman Mary was talking to.

    What can we expect from Mary, though? She’s always been desperate to be seen as sexy, from attending a wedding with no bra and her nipples that were obvious underneath her dress when she was still Fred’s girlfriend, to putting her cleavage and ass on display. She also has a habit of showing her bra and undergarments without any hint of embarrassment. No amount of skin bleaching and designer labels can cover up the innate tackiness and lack of class reeking off of her. No redeeming qualities: she’s just a bad package overall.

  3. Cece says:

    Yikes! Even the priest is trying hard to just tolerate Mary’s bla bla.

    There is a side view of Mary where you can see the outline of her undies. Class all the way.

  4. Elissa says:

    She’ still not back in shape after the twin pregnancy…it’s not dramatic, but for this narcissistic, self-obsessed bogan, that’s just hell ! HA!

  5. Lucy Baker says:

    Pippa she is not ! Tatiana’s expression is priceless – AND her body language is very similar to Princess Marie’s when in Mary’s “company” .

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