Freshly pressed and stuffed

Knocked up royal Princess Nathalie of Berleburg married her prematurely bald and aged-looking baby daddy today.  Myra was there amongst other badly-dressed, terrible-posture-showing royals.

She looks wonderful for a 55-year-old, does she not?  Those plumped up cheeks and that smooth forehead look so natural!

That ugly duvet-inspired dress with the pathetic little jacket make the broad look positively broad.  Ferd is trying to stand as far from her as he can.  Don’t blame him!

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2 Responses to Freshly pressed and stuffed

  1. Jae09 says:

    She’s so ugly. My goodness, those cheeks cannot be any more obvious as cheek implants, and bad ones at that! She looks ridiculous, and you can bet she actually thinks she’s the sh*t. Look at that smile. She’s so proud of her awful hair, makeup, dress, and ugly face. She really has nothing going for her, does she? No looks, no personality, no charisma, no warmth…

  2. Elissa says:

    Speaking about “cheeks”..her other ones were clearly visible, along her shape-up lingerie, in pictures from the back…HA!

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