What’s wrong with the twins? A poll for y’all!

Why haven’t we seen Mary’s newest accessories?  HMMMMMMMM??????

  1. There is something wrong with Vinnie the Kid
  2. There is something wrong with Josie Grossie
  3. There is something wrong with both
  4. Josie’s not cute enough and just bringing Vinnie out would be weird
  5. Mary’s not thin enough to parade around
  6. Mary’s too busy trying to get pregnant with triplets – kind of tough with Freddy gone but the bitch is resourceful!
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5 Responses to What’s wrong with the twins? A poll for y’all!

  1. pixiecat says:

    My vote is for numbers two or four. It’s very odd that we haven’t seen more of these twins, which makes me think that something is wrong.

  2. Lolly says:

    I’m voting 3 and 6.

  3. Jae09 says:

    I think something might be up with the little twin girl. Fred and Mary didn’t look particularly thrilled with that one, not on the “official photos”, only looking proudly at the boy, or during the Christening and the Christening pics. All eyes were on Vincent, as if the little girl didn’t warrant attention, or nobody wanted to pay extra attention because the cameras might “catch” something odd.

    The little girl herself didn’t look as alert as the boy, and the boy generally looked happier during the Christening while the girl looked like she was crying and uncomfortable. No photos showed her being relaxed/smiling.

  4. Cece says:

    7. She hates and resents them. For their “obesity”. For making More More chunky. For boring her with the incessant crying and neediness. For making her realise that four kids were maybe too much, especially in photo shoots with an uncooperative father.

  5. lynnea says:

    #8 she hasn’t spent enough time with them for them to be comfortable enough to pose with her with out them having that “who the f*** is this woman cuddling me” look in every picture.

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