June 2011 CP Mary Useless Royal Award

As you read a couple of months ago, I created this award to “honor” the royal who is least worth his share of oxygen, in my not so humble but very snarky opinion.

The June 2011 award goes to . . .

The cheating, misogynist, prick-in-a-bottle King of Sweden!!!

Not only does this useless mofo think girls are too delicate to handle the position of monarch (he was against his eldest daughter, Victoria, becoming the heir to the throne, rather than her younger, but penis-endowed and brain-cell deficient brother, Carl Philip, who is dating a big-forehead endowed girl who likes to pose naked), but he’s been caught going to strip bars and engaging in less-than-kingly behavior.  Rumor has it, someone has pics and they ain’t of pretty buildings, my friends.

To make things worse, this asshole gave an “interview” to defend himself in which all he did was turn questions around and not answer a single one properly.

I say that this useless piece of shit needs to give up the throne, divorce his Joker of a queen and leave her a shitload of money and jewels for putting up with his shit, let his daughter be Queen regnant and go hide in a fucking cave somewhere for the rest of his useless life!


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