Myra at a conference

Wearing the most godawful, body inflating, hiding the baby pooch, floaty top ever.  Honestly, that thing makes her look three times thicker.  Did she hide a “little friend” under those pants?  Because sister looks awfully happy – I’m guessing Ferd hasn’t seen her O face in a while if she has no problem unveiling it in public!

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10 Responses to Myra at a conference

  1. Cece says:

    She dressed for a wardrobe malfunction! “Oopsie, poopsie, the wind blew my top open!”

  2. Marie says:

    She has a snake skin-looking bag for some shindig at a refuge center. She doesn’t need to rub it in or be a fashionista all the time.

  3. Piper says:

    A conference from a humanitarian organization dealing with a serious cause and she comes dressed for a summer cocktail party?? Unbelievable!! This bogan is getting worse and worse as the years and her time as a “princess” dry up.!

  4. Jae says:

    She’s so desperate to be seen as pretty and stylish, it’s so lame.

    Mary should just realize that she’s never been sexy and it will never happen for her. She’s become so unattractive with whatever the heck she’s done to her face, all hard-faced and frozen from botox. She looks like a man. No matter how much cleavage she shows, she looks like a pathetic 50-year old trying to recapture her youth and prove she’s got “it” by showing some skin and pumping her face full of chemicals.

    The floaty top and pants are ruined by her masculine body, wide strides, bad posture, and gorilla arms. This outfit is on par with the sexy, lacy Prada dress she wore to the domestic violence/battered women conference where she showed up preening and smiling; that outfit she wore to the veterans’ hospital in Washington DC when she wore a low-neckline dress, prom hair, and body shimmer while visiting soldiers; also that see-through fuchsia outfit that showed her belly button at a UN event. She’s not just inappropriate, she’s freakin’ offensive. I don’t know how this bogan still has fans gushing over her clueless, unfashionable ass. She treats every event like it’s her personal catwalk. Ugh.

    • boganhater says:

      And that is the most important part – as much as I never believe the concept of a “hard working royal” I do think they are in the unique position to highlight the work of some agencies and bring some needed clout to issues that can benefit from it, but this goddamn hag only cares about HER photo in HER designer clothes and HER hair and HER jewels and fuck appropriateness and dignity.

      • Cece says:

        Don’t forget that she also cares about HER reputation in HER country (Australia). Perhaps she can find her way back there one of these days very soon?

      • boganhater says:

        Or someone can make that decision for her and send her grizzled carcass back to Oz!

  5. Piper says:

    From the time she came out of the balcony for her engagement appearance, saw all those honorable peasants and remarked “they are all here to see ME”!!, she came to the conclusion that every event, occasion and function that she attends will be all about HER!! The purpose and mission of the organization is the least of her concern!

  6. Grace says:

    Please, please, please do NOT send her back!! We don’t want her.
    Surely we can find somewhere else? yes 🙂

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