Once again, Ferd doesn’t help Myra

The fecal pustule that is CP Ferd might be a prince and all, but he was never taught, or never learned, to help a woman navigate tricky terrain.  Yeah, I wish Myra would faceplant, I admit it, but it reflects badly on HER HUSBAND when he can stand back and watch someone else do the dirty work.

And Myra, you look like shit.  The top is too twee for someone with your manly build, and those pork-arms shouldn’t be bared until they’re toned, mm-kay?

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5 Responses to Once again, Ferd doesn’t help Myra

  1. Cece says:

    I don’t mind Derf’s lack of assistance. Few reasons: chivalry is dead in Denmark so to see other men being gallant to a “lady” is refreshing. But mostly, I don’t blame him for not wanting to help a woman who has taken him for such a hard ride, turned on him, become a different person from the one she pretended to be in the beginning, a woman whose family also slurps at the royal connections, showing up with flies down and boozed up at embassy receptions and Daisy’s friends’ funerals. She’s a pig and god only knows how she treats him in private; he has been very clear that she isn’t exactly supportive. He is actually being as kind as he can be in such circumstances. This is a real psychological dilemma for him. Just wish he’d come around to the idea that relief could be quite easy and painless. She just wants a cash payout. The DRF know enough gangsters to make that happen.

  2. Jae says:

    They’re both so ridiculous.

    Mary looks stupid with the lapels hanging off her top like that. She should have tied it into a bow, which is most likely the blouse’s original design. But no, she thought it would look so cool and stylish to let them hang like that, when in reality she looks sloppy and wearing clothes like that is more in line with high school girls experimenting with clothes, not a nearly-40 year old woman who still can’t figure out what looks good on her. The blouse also looks so tight on her arms and the pants looked a size smaller. She’s probably having some serious denial that she hasn’t gotten rid of the baby weight ASAP, and she’s been wearing tight clothes lately with some industrial-strength corset and spanx.

    Fred looks like a goof. He doesn’t help his wife, what’s new? Either he’s not a gentleman at all or he really dislikes Mary that much that he goes off on his own and leaves her behind whenever he can. I doubt he’d behave like this towards Mette-Marit or another woman. He’s very charming and kind towards other women, except his wife.

  3. Peggy says:

    Those pants look like JCrew. She may have picked them up in DC last year. She and Caroline Heering were seen at the Cystal City mall weren’t they? They would be sized to her pre-twins body which makes sense since they look super tight. They are also really unflattering. She is too long waisted and short legged for pegged, cropped trousers. They just accentuate the negative. She has really let her arms go. They used to be toned look at the pic of her at the Victor Chang ball in 2005.

  4. Piper says:

    Yrma doesn’t deserve to be accorded such courtesy….only a LADY is worthy of that assistance and we know she ain’t one!! Fred has given up treating her with respect and we know that he knows her better than anyone else. And Cece is right…she’s a pig, a greedy, delusional, narcissistic pig with absolutely no regards to anyone except for her self-promoting self!

  5. Miss_Denmark says:

    She looks like my 4 y old daughter when she reaaallyyy needs to go to the toilet! Well, given birth to four kids can ruin your bladder, squeeze Yrma, squeeze. I can easily imagine Fred being very galant & helpfull if CP Vicky was in trouble etc. No matter how one feel about Mary HE still looks like an idiot without manners IMO

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