Yeah, but where ARE the twins?

The suck-up Australian Embassy in Denmark gave a reception to commemorate the birth of the bogan twins.

Sorry, you ignorant cow, but all I see are ghastly white flabby arms and a serious tum-tum that has been corseted, to no avail.

Where the fuck are Vinnie the kid and Josie Grossie?  You’d think bogan whore would parade them around, one stuck to each saggy tit, but no twinsies anywhere.

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2 Responses to Yeah, but where ARE the twins?

  1. Pede says:

    bwuuuhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahahahahahhha, you are killing me with that picture!

    Well, let’s see,

    Xtian had severe jaundice, and now jumps about like a spazball (High levels of bilirubin can cause deafness, cerebral palsy, or other forms of brain damage in some babies.)

    Izzy couldn’t walk, since she had a clubfoot, which is a congenital abnormality passed down through families in some cases

    Vinnie & Josie, ………

    She would have dragged them out already if everything would have been peachy as we from know perfectly perfect Yrma…something seems odd. I just hope that these little twins are healthy.

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