Time to diet, Myra!

Wow, Myra got fat!  She ain’t losing that baby weight as fast as she’d like!  Time to cut back on the lettuce and water, bitch!

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3 Responses to Time to diet, Myra!

  1. Cece says:

    Especially compared to the first time she wore this dress, for the boat tour celebrating Freddums’ 40th bday. There you could see her sternum ripples. Ugh. Question: is she going to wear this to everyone’s 40th birthday party? Or pull out the brown jumpsuit again like Amber got?

    This dress is Romanian (or other Eastern European) design and it seems to be made of yarn. It’s too pale for Morey and contributes to her usual appearance at royal gala parties: visually lost and insignificant, especially amongst the glamour gals of European royalty. Even morose Rosario is more noticeable! (Speaking of which, were Fred and Mary invited along with Kyril and Rosario so that they could see how separated people are supposed to do it? ie, stop faking it and exist separately?)

    You should highlight other photos from Maxima’s 40th. Mary is giving Guillaume a very confronting look in the group photo and to his credit, he is trying hard to be polite in all photos of him and Mary. She also isn’t holding Derf’s hand and only has eyes for the camera, despite the PR department’s orders. Also, she is seated next to the Aga Khan in the theatre, a very dignified and distinguished gentleman, a frequenté of the elite horse racing and international architectural design worlds. He could not have been more bored by being seated next to Mary. You can see him doing the same politeness somersaults as Guillaume: trying hard not to look or engage and hoping the end will be soon.

  2. Piper says:

    The look of unease and discomfort on Myra’s face is palpable. She always has this look when amongst the Royals but more so now because she knows the whispers being uttered behind her back about Fred’s recent antics. Her humiliation in front of her peers can’t be ignored and the “perfect” persona she cultivated is steadily crumbling before their eyes. Karma is truly a bitch!!

  3. Jae says:

    The neckline of the dress is so tacky and crass with too much cleavage showing. Its feminine design doesn’t suit Mary’s masculine body and posturing. She’s never been dainty or feminine, but she just loves wearing clothes that look better on a slender person like Letizia, or a svelte person like Mathilde.

    Once again, she was outshined and overshadowed by everyone in attendance. She just doesn’t have charisma, presence, or appeal to look stunning. Maxima isn’t thin or slender, but she just looks radiant because of her personality and charisma. Her megawatt smile also makes up for any fault her outfits might have.

    Mary, on the other hand, looks fake. Too much botox, cosmetic surgeries, and cheek implants have made her hard-faced and frozen-looking. There’s no warmth coming from her, even when she smiles. She’s just a cold woman. I don’t think the scandal with the blond really humbled her…more like humiliated her and broke her confidence but you don’t see any humility there. She’s now become blank and empty but I doubt we’d see genuineness from her that would make people empathize. Her personality as a whole makes it difficult to sympathize with her. She still doesn’t look like she’s thinking “Well, maybe I deserved this and I should change.” She’s probably still thinking that everything is in her favor and anything that doesn’t go along that route is someone else’s fault, not hers.

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