What the fuck? Isn’t that HER job???

CP Myra has hired a PR firm to help her promote her foundation, the Mary Fonden.

What the fuckety fuck???  Isn’t Myra the most popular royal in Denmark?  Isn’t Myra the high-powered former PR executive?  Isn’t Myra the most beloved Princess ever?

Why the fuck should she hire a PR firm?  Isn’t SHE the best promotion for her foundation?

Can’t this woman do ANYTHING?

She is a terrible wife and partner, interrupting her husband during interviews, walking ahead of him, and making sneering comments about his fitness.

She is a terrible mother, with 4 nannies, popping out underweight and yellow children because she is too vain to gain the proper weight, raising unhappy and uncontrollable children who go around licking windows and acting up because they don’t get enough attention or discipline.

She is an abysmal fashion representative, wearing Prada, Hugo Boss, and Missoni, far more than Danish brands.

She is a terrible Crown Princess, barely managing the language, not bothering to look at people she meets, only having eyes for the cameras.

What good is this fucking useless parasite?

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3 Responses to What the fuck? Isn’t that HER job???

  1. Elissa says:

    Again, that famewhore do anything to brand herself ! It’s not about the Foundation, it’s all about ME, ME, ME , Mary Elizabeth ! She definitely has no shame whatsoever.

  2. Pede says:

    and some people complain about other princesses CVs being pumped up.

    And there she is lying her pants stating that: “I’m very fortunate that my background in advertising provides me with an opportunity to contribute within both the strategic and marketing analytic and also within the visionary and creative fields. Just as natural is it that I draw on meetings I’ve had with interesting people and issues, when we are discussing prospects for the future and upcoming initiatives. So both my background and my work is of benefit to me in my position as chairman for the Mary Foundation.”

    Puleeeze, you need a time out!

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