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What Frederik thought


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Best fucking team EVAH!

This is class.  This is a family.  This is togetherness.

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A Bogan Review

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I just threw up in a mouth a little bit . . .

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The Bogan Family

minus Christian the Creepy and IsNOTabella!

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Baptism!FAIL – a royal recap, part 1

Best dressed Caroline Heering, long-suffering lady-in-waiting to the bogan Most Screwed Over Amber Petty, who will forever be known as Princess Mary’s bridesmaid, and who not only was NOT chosen as a godmother for her BFF’s demon spawns, but looked … Continue reading

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The full names are . . .

Vinnie Fuckup Monkey Alexander (Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander) Josie She-pee-a Ivanhoe Mathilda (Josephien Sophia Ivalo Mathilda) They got some Inuit names.  Like they honestly give a shit about the Inuit people.  Mm-hmm.  And little Josie Grossie is still looking a … Continue reading

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Prince Vince and Josie Grossie?  What kind of names are these?

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Can I get a whoop-whoop?

Yeah, I nailed Mary’s look for this christening – I said she’d wear purple with the barf-a-bouquet thing on her head! And looky! She looks so puffy and old, someone’s been crying recently!  Ha ha ha!  

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Yeah, they’re happy (bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!)

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