Poor little IsNOT is four today

Four miserable years of being mistreated by her cunt of a mother, poor little fat-faced tyke.  Unless someone steps in to undo the damage Mary has done to her daughter, there are years of therapy ahead for IsNOTabella.

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3 Responses to Poor little IsNOT is four today

  1. Sofije says:

    I’m sorry, but Isabella just isn’t a good-looking child. At all. She’s not ugly per se, but she is so plain. Her eyes are pretty, but she isn’t.

    The licking windows has always struck me as odd. I have never seen any child do that, and in Isabella’s case, do it constantly. I read some people saying she is so cute and has a lot of personality, but I don’t see it. I think the licking windows and over enthusiasm with the cameras are responses to getting attention from others. She knows people will look at her and maybe praise her, so she does those things…again, maybe because she doesn’t get enough attention from her parents. Usually kids are wary of cameras and strangers, but Isabella loves them. I remember 2 years ago she went to Nikolai’s birthday party and proceeded to play/pose for the cameras. She was approaching the paparazzi on her own…most kids would stick to their parents in a new surrounding with strangers around.

    I think she’s a needy child in terms of attention and affection. She’s always striving for approval from that witch mother of hers and seems to be very clingy to Mary. Too bad Mary doesn’t care for her daughter. Isabella also doesn’t have proper manners (she was quite rude to the people at the Pre-Christening Church visit, I know kids who are very sleepy and grumpy but still manage to behave well) and it doesn’t look like Fred or Mary is taking the time to teach her.

    Hopefully Mary will start caring enough about her daughter, because right now she seems to only care about herself and Fred is hopeless.

    • boganhater says:

      She is not cute at all, hopefully she gets better as she grows up but right now I only feel sorry for the way she is treated but I’m not going to delude myself that she’s cute just because I pity her. She is pretty needy and she is not getting the proper attention from her mother (who apparently hates the poor kid) or her father (who’s barely conscious most of the time) so right now she’s licking windows, posing for strangers with cameras, but soon it will become something less cute, and if the family is not careful she might end up knocked up at 13 or joining a cult or something.

  2. elissa says:

    Unlike her mother, Isabella is a Royal born Princess She will always be younger and prettier than Mary. And Isabella will steal the show in a few years time! That’s just insufferable for the Icon !

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