Today’s word is Vivisection

Because everything and more that has already come to Mary is absolutely, 100%, no question about it, what she deserves.

A christening is a celebration, a moment of joy, a cherished time in a child’s life.  There was no joy at this christening.  Mary is doing her best to put a brave face on, but the humiliation of Freddy’s antics stung.  Look at that face.  It is angry, frozen, sad.  Maybe Botoxed, but surely, this is the forced smile of a forty-five year old.

This couple cannot even sit together for a photo.  Kids in the middle, and IsNOTabella with legs spread.  It got mumsy where she is, maybe it will work for IsNOT.

Frederik is absolutely in love.  Besotted.  Smiling fondly . . . at his son.  Not the sullen asshat being restrained by Papy Henrik, no, that one got the Bogan genes.  Maybe this sweet piece of heaven, Mini-Minik, he will be the son Frederik truly wants.

Mary, however, is not in love with anyone.  Certainly not her older kids, a.k.a. the props.  And certainly not with Josie Grossie, who isn’t shaking her Downs Syndrome looks.  What a letdown, huh, Mary?  Neither of your girls are good enough for you.

Josie, you are in one hell of a ride, sweetheart.  If this seems troubling to you, just wait until they make you wear the same shit they’ve been putting on IsNOT.  Just you wait.

Poor IsNOTabella.  She does try, she’s got spunk and that’s good, because she ain’t got looks so far.  Two pudding-faced kids.  At least I don’t want to smack IsNOT every time I see her, unlike her brother.

Vinnie the Kid, you ARE the apple of your father’s eye.  You are the main reason he’s not going to off himself any time soon.  Christian has already been fucked up by Mary, but you, you Mini-Minik, you will be Daddy’s boy.

Not you.  You won’t be anyone’s darling.  Not your mom’s, that’s for sure.  Ugly AND looking like a Down’s baby?  Come on.  Sure you’ve already figured it out, they gave you some shitty christening gown from the scullery maid’s grandmother and glued on some “lace” and “ribbons”.  Mm-hmm.

That’s right, Myra.  Give it all you got.  Flash that smirky smile and shift your head like they taught you in Starmakers.  Pretend you can smile and hold your daughter at the same time for more than 5 seconds.   I bet you took that floral barfeteria and stomped on it when everyone left.  And then everyone left YOU to party with your husband.  But Susan Moody stayed with you, probably working on some articles for your blog.  Ahem.

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5 Responses to Today’s word is Vivisection

  1. These are the worst pics I have ever seen of this family. Mary looks older than 45. She looks like Silvia of Sweden, except Silvia is in her 60s. Either the photographer should be bitch-slapped or else these people are so dreadful that all the re-touching in the world couldn’t help them. What a sad state of affairs. And the Danish taxpayer is footing the bill for these idiots. Hyggeligt!

  2. nat says:

    interesting pics…no one looks happy. just a quick question, i found this website via royal dish…why all the hate for the bogan? is it true fred was seeing someone else when he met the tassie?

    • boganhater says:

      He was dating B ettina Odum when he met Mary and then banged her for a few months while still officially dating Bettina. Mary was happy to be the other woman then, and she needs to “shut up and deal as her betters have”, which is what Henry VIII told Anne Boleyn when she started to bitch about his mistresses.

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