No one stands up for Mary

A night of clubbing after the christening (wtf?) but Bogan Bitch wasn’t there.  Everyone else was, though.  No one missed the celebration and no one stood up for Mary and told Fred to fuck off.  The only one missing was Susan Moody, maybe she had to go home and write on her blog (wink wink).

What this means is that everyone is choosing to side with Fred.  If my sister/BFF/daughter’s husband were seen cavorting with some blonde at a club, I would not attend some party with him.  But here, they all have made their choice.  Mary’s own father and sister, her best friend and confidante, her ladies-in-waiting and “close friends” Helle the Hologram and Ellen Hillingso were seen at the party.  Mary is alone.  If they split, no one would stand with her.  Because no one can stand her.

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4 Responses to No one stands up for Mary

  1. Cece says:

    Did you see the photies of Amber with toilet paper on her shoe? Hilarious!

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