What Frederik thought

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  1. Sofije says:

    This is the first time I thought Mary was quite subdued. She wasn’t excessively posing and camera-whoring. Her face is puffy and looks over-botoxed. She could barely move her facial muscles to give a smile and she looked so strained, almost frozen.

    She must have been so humiliated with Frederik’s shenanigans. But more, she must’ve been humiliated at the thought that aside from her die-hard fans, not many people will still look at them and believe the fairy tale romance she has been trying so hard to sell. Wonder what the people at the Church thought when those two walked in and proceeded to put on a show of “happy and harmonious family”?

    Mary looked like she was alone out there, and not one person was going to help/sympathize with her. No wonder she looked like she’d been crying. It must be tough to know that in Denmark, she has no friends or family of her own and nobody will come to her side. She never made a friend of her own, they are all Frederik’s, and when push comes to shove, they’d all turn against her if it means staying in the royal circle.

    This event is so sad. Nobody seemed happy or excited about this Christening. The godparents looked grim, Margrethe and Henrik were practically invisible, Frederik still looks like a hot mess. No one made the effort to appear cheerful, except the Slurpsons.

    I’d almost feel sorry for Mary if she would just up and divorce Frederik. But no, she’d hang in there and be like the older royal women who turned a blind eye to their husbands’ infidelities in order to continue spending the money and keep up the image. Seems like she already left her self-respect at the door.

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