Baptism!FAIL – a royal recap, part 1

Best dressed
Caroline Heering, long-suffering lady-in-waiting to the bogan

Most Screwed Over
Amber Petty, who will forever be known as Princess Mary’s bridesmaid, and who not only was NOT chosen as a godmother for her BFF’s demon spawns, but looked like she’d raided Helena Bonham Carter’s closet.

Most Embarrassing
Papa Press-Addict (gee, wonder where Mary gets it from) and the Chunky Monkey, Susan Moody, who nearly fell on her face while traipsing along the cobblestones and then sat with fat thighs wide apart.

Most Ready to Retire
Mary’s “stylist” and part owner of Haberdash, Anja, where Mary sells her old clothes.  Hopefully the armpit sweat stains and odor have been removed.  This ugly bow has no business telling anyone how to dress!

Video of the moment when the names are revealed – Click here!


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