Stupid cunt & family at the church

Well well well, someone is looking like shit.  Nasty oatmeal skin, fucked up eye, forced smile, bad hair.  Tomorrow should be fun!

But until then, we have today.  The Bogan Bitch and her kin went to the church for a pre-baptism visit/rehearsal.  And what does the cunt do?  Abandon her whiny daughter with a bunch of strangers.

Although, honestly, IsNOTabella is not making a good case for herself here.  Maybe she got dragged from her home when she didn’t want to, but sheesh kid, look alive!  You’ve got to learn the faking to be as good as yo mama!

Mary drags Izzy and then shakes off her hand like it’s got feces on it, and Izzy acts all whiny and annoying.  Must be genetics.  Check it out.

What a nasty little family.  And two more bogan-tards aside from these four fucking parasites.

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