It Runs in the Family

“It” being the famewhoring, the desperate desire to be in front of the cameras.

For this is CP Bogan’s sister Patricia Bailey, being photographed at an event for Ovarian Cancer.  Worthy cause, of course, but why does this bogan-sister have to be at this event?

Oh yeah, cameras!

The same fucked-up eye as Mary, the same smirk, the same sun-damaged skin, the same wrinkly eyes, the same lack of an upper lip – it must suck for Mary that after all the thousands of dollars on makeup and designer outfits, she looks pretty much the same as her older sister!

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6 Responses to It Runs in the Family

  1. I beg to differ! I think Patricia looks better in this picture than Mary does. She’s no beauty, but at least she looks like a human being, unlike her plastic-fantastic little sister, who looks like Mr. Robotron.

  2. Cece says:

    These Boganson gals just all look so rough. Patty here doesn’t look much different than Amber: ridden hard and hung up wet. What kind of hard family upbringing combined with baby oil tanning did these girls do, anyway?

    Patty’s hair is too dark, the eye make-up too heavy for a daytime event, and the rhinestone earrings for a business-casual photo opp are kind of sad since they prove that the Boganson girls have no idea what a dignified, charitable dress code consists of. But otherwise, writelikehell is right that Patty looks better than Mary: irradiated, yes, but more real and less re-touched.

    You just wonder if Patty’s husband Scott Bailey, the roofer, complained again about the costs of the new frock and plane fare to Sydney for his wife’s moment in the sun, just as he complained about the costs of going to Copenhagen for the royal wedding!

  3. Luise says:

    Is this a nose piercing?

  4. HOXX says:

    Give her a short back and sides, and chuck the bling in the bin, and voila! Patrick!

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