The Crown Princess Mary Useless Royal Award!

In honor of that useless bogan bitch princess we all know, I am hereby creating the Crown Princess Mary Useless Royal Award.  This award will recognize Royals who are exceptionally Useless, demonstrating a special capacity for wasting the opportunity of their position to help others and instead being complete wastes of space and oxygen.

The March 2011 Useless Royal Award goes to . . .

Princess Martha Louise of Norway!

This stupid cunt with an “Angels School” has recently announced she is sending her angels to Japan, “‘so they (presumably, the victims) know their light, frequency and words that can help Mother Earth to come back into balance as quickly as possible.”

Say what?

Isn’t it enough that this pampered ho (oh she was in her younger years, she was even named as the other woman in a divorce case) has waster her position and instead of helping others, has chosen to start up a school for people to get in touch with their angels, now she has to insult the poor victims of the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan by posting about sending her fucking angels there?

Hey bitch, how about sending some fucking money over?  Blankets, water, medicine?  Maybe?  Why don’t you do something USEFUL with your title and genuinely help out instead of promoting your Ass-tarte School at the expense of these people?

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