Spin until you’re dizzy

Gotta love the Mary fangirls’ reaction to their goddess not being invited to Wills and Kate’s wedding.  Now they hate Kate because she’s so jealous of Mary she has left her out of the nearly two-thousand strong guest list.

Either that, or Mary is such a maternal girl that she is choosing (excuse me while I choke on my croissant here) to not attend the wedding.  Yeah.  Because the way she treats her children – manic attention with Christian and cruel disdain with IsNOTabella – is sooo maternal.  Mm-hmm.  Let’s get real here, if Bitch is breastfeeding the Fugly Twins it’s only to lose the rest of her preggo weight.

Who in their right mind can think that emaciated, stony-faced, older-than-she-is Mary would ever be a threat to 10-years-younger, prettier, happier, and already-a-fashion-icon Kate?

Oh yeah, the stupid fangirls.  But then, anyone that delusional is one Prozac away from the straitjacket anyway.


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