Liar Liar, Prada pants on fire!

I recently had a beloved reader (oh you ALL are, don’t be jealous!) ask about Mary’s grandmother.  So I thought I would run down amnesia lane about some – just some, we don’t want to crash a server here – LIES from the bogan mouth herself.  You know, the one without an upper lip.

Lie #1 – She loved her mother
Truth – She calls her stepmother, the fat mediocre writer Susan I’m Moody, the love of her father’s life.  What the fuck?  So the love of Pa “new teef” Boganson is not the woman he had four children with and was married for over 30 years until her death, but the new wife he’s had for 10 years?  LOVELY, Mary.  One wonders what Mary owes the Moody one since she made such a sensational claim.

Lie #2 – She loved her grandmother
Truth – She tore up beloved granny’s letters and threw them out in the rubbish for a journalist to find!  What a lying whore!

Lie #3 – She won’t be having no nannies
Ha!  Well, I know we ALL know what the truth is.  Two nannies per kid, to be replaced the moment the kid gets too attached.  Two parents who look uncomfortable and confused when they do have to deal with their kids by themselves.


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