Just for you, Mom


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3 Responses to Just for you, Mom

  1. rs says:

    Have you written about Mary and her grandmother on this site? I don’t know the whole story, but I read that Mary skipped her grandmother’s funeral in 2002 even
    though she had plenty of time to visit Australia for the Melbourne Cup and a friend’s wedding. Has Mary ever explained why she missed her grandmother’s funeral? I read somewhere else that Mary had spoken fondly about her grandmother in the Marymentary, which I don’t understand considering that she skipped her funeral. That’s positively sociopathic! I don’t understand why the Danish media haven’t written about this, because it’s pretty creepy. Please enlighten us about the whole story of the grandmother because more people should know about it.

  2. Pixiecat says:

    My guess is that her loyalty to Smoody can be seen in that pathetic site, DRW. I’m not at all surprised that the babies are having health problems. It’s generally what happens when a pregnant woman refuses to eat during her pregnancies. I’m actually surprised that they are not still in the hospital.

    Oh wait…there is that full-time maternity nurse that they’ve hired…hmm

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