Boring boring boring

The much awaited pics of the bogan twins are out and . . . yawn . . . here they are.

Wow, Frederik looks like complete and utter shit, doesn’t he?

Two fugly babies dressed in non-colors.  Lovely.  This photoshoot seems very hastily arranged.

Baby girl perched on attention whore mother’s shoulder.

Disconnected parents, Mary without her rings – but but, she was So Skinny in those pics last week, how could her rings possibly be tight? – Fred looks like he’s going to commit suicide, and blah babies.

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2 Responses to Boring boring boring

  1. Troofbetold says:

    Hmmm………….(awkward pause)…. How bout that little Henrik! You know, Marie and Joachim’s little doll.
    Just love how she looks so utterly absorbed in parenting as to not even glance at the camera!

  2. I’ve yet to see another royal couple in Europe that are such posers. What ever happened to pictures of the happy couple just holding their babies? Why the styled photo of her holding one and looking lovingly at the other while her “adoring husband” stares at the camera.

    Any couple so obsessed as these two are with proving how perfect their lives are, must in reality be far from perfect. Otherwise, they wouldn’t feel the need to airbrush their lives in this way.

    Should I yawn or should puke? I could go either way.

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