Tre & Quatro getting baptized on April 14

Mary should have healed up nicely from the tummy tuck by then!

Wonder if she will once again wear the floral barfeteria hair ornament like she did for the two previous christenings:

She wore blue for the boy, pink (yawn) for the girl, so this time maybe she’ll wear purple:
IsNOTabella only merited a barbecue for the apres baptism meal, but Tre & Quatro, I’m sure, will merit much more, since their accessory value is double that of IsNOTabella.

Should be entertaining to see

a) What fucking names these two latest spawns get,
b) Who their godparents are, since Myra’s only “friends” are friends of Ferd and people who work for her, and
c) What the circus atmosphere is like at this christening.

Pass the popcorn, darlings!

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3 Responses to Tre & Quatro getting baptized on April 14

  1. Elissa says:

    Probably Amber and Marie as godmothers…
    Mary in purple crowned with that barf of flowers…
    Fred crying ot on the verge of…
    for Diana and William’s christening !

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