Plastik Fantastik!

Let’s do a quick run down of the tweaks, nips and changes Myra has gone through, shall we?   Mostly because I think the reason she’s not tiptoeing through the tulips with a twin hanging from each teat is because she’s had a tummy tuck and is recovering.

I believe Myra had her nose done before she met Ferd.  It was part of her attempt to rise up from the rabble, along with the horse riding bullshit and borrowing her used car salesman boyfriend’s cars from work.  The nose in the Starmakers pics is her new nose.

First pic – old nose, old lids.  In the middle is her new nose, but she still has her old eyelids.  By the time of her sister’s wedding right before her own, she had her eyelids lifted.  She could see how her sisters’ eyes were sagging and decided to prevent that from happening.

This is not the given bullshit of “oh she’s whiter because she lives in Scandinavia now” – this shit’s on purpose.  She used Ole Henriksen’s bleaching creams until he blabbed to the press and she dropped him like she dropped Beatrice Tarnawski when she blabbed about Frederik’s chest in the Slip Inn.

Unfortunately, Myra’s tits were the first (and second) things to go when she dropped the 40 lbs. she lost.  Too bad because she went from big boned and sporty to lollipop stick-thin and butch masculine, at least if she had some fun bags for Ferdto play with he might not look so miserable.

She looks like she is about 60% of what she used to be.

Myra either had the peel from hell and could not move her facial muscles because of extreme pain or she had some really bad Botox.  Even her lips look fucked up here.

She looks like Heidi whatever her fucking name is, when she could barely eat her food because she couldn’t move her face.

I am shocked that no one else picked up on this but not shocked that the Danish media said nothing.  There is a reason Myra said the Danes are slow, and she’s laughing  all the way to the Prada boutiques.

I for one, can’t wait to see Myra next time she graces us with her presence.  Should be a circus and a half!

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7 Responses to Plastik Fantastik!

  1. Cece says:

    Good work, Abid! That’s the best breakdown of her “work” so far. She’s definitely had some Restalyne or other collagen injection in her lips. I remember the Danish press at first at said she is liked by other women because she’s only moderately pretty and has thin lips. Her upper lip has always been thin, disappearing when she smiles, like Sarah Ferguson’s. I must say, she did get a really good doctor for the nose, the overall effect is very subtle.

    I see nothing wrong in Ole Hendriksen telling the press Mary uses his products. She herself very openly uses them (where was she – Christmas concert? – when she pulled out that lip balm and then some lotion in Parliament?) I think it’s beyond ridiculous that she would put the kabash on someone and exile them just because of it. Other princesses/celebrities wouldn’t be so mean-spirited and petty.

  2. She is the most unnatural looking person in the world and seems to be the only commoner-turned-royal who has totally re-engineered her look. Sad and that same time alarming that the Crown Prince of Denmark could marry someone like that and stay with her, when she’s clearly only in it for the celebrity and must only be a shadow of the girl he first met in Australia.

    The Danish press also try to build her up as so naturally beautiful and flawless. It makes me want to yak. She is so plastic.

    I think you should re-name this article Plastisk Fantastisk – Fanstastisk is her favourite word and the only world she seems to be able to pronounce properly in Danish.

    What a tool!

  3. Pede says:

    Well, bh…he realized that the chunky, natural, fun girl he married flushed down the drain in the plastic surgeon’s office. That moment of realization did him in and we know that there are hardly any lucid moments left in life.

    Hence the mystery how she impregnated herself…..was it tubing…or did her big hands execute the job….we’ll never know…he he he

    Thanks though for the contrasting examples


  4. Luvthissite says:

    The chin! You overlooked the obvious reduction of the chin.

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