An ode to Princess Marie

Oh Princess Marie, won’t you sit by me?

You seem charming and sweet, and oh so petite.

You love your dear child, and those stepsons so wild.

Here you are at a fashion show, but wherever you are you have a quiet glow.

Won’t you have a girl please, pretty pretty pretty please?

And show that bogan whore not to dress her girl like she cleans the floor.

Oh Princess Marie, won’t you sit by me?

I bet you have lots to tell, because that bogan’s not so swell.

Her idiot husband’s a loser, is he also a druggie or just a boozer?

Your Joachim seems so happy, ever since you came along he’s been real peppy.

Now I have to go work, and go eat my dinner with a fork.

But pretty Princess Marie, if you want to sit by me, always here I will be.

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2 Responses to An ode to Princess Marie

  1. Cece says:

    Hi Abid! I’m so glad to see that you’re posting again. I’ve updated the links to both the old and new incarnations of your blog on the CPMary site for anyone who needs a peek at your earlier genius. Rock on.

    Yes, La Belle Marie is certainly a delight. So fresh and natural in all of today’s fashion show shots. Seated next to surly, manly Anja who clearly didn’t really know how to engage well. Ellen Hillingsø (Frex friend) was next to Anja and Caroline Heering (Mary’s slave) next to her, and looking not too great, accompanied by her sister. Team Marie was out in full force to counteract Mary’s Minions: Other Redhead LIW Britt Siesbye and next to her, Danish Design Centre head Christian Scherfig both of whom are godparents to lille Henrik. Team Marie for the win!

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