Refreshing your memory – STARRRRRRRRMAKERS!!!

An old post refreshed from my old site:

Starmakers is a school in Oz where young ladies wishing to acquire poise learn to make an entrance, stand and walk properly, talk in public, deal with cameras, etc.

Exactly what a desperate, social climbing gold-digger from Hobart needed, and fast, right after meeting a Crown Prince.

Unfortunately for Mary, her Eliza Doolittle-ness was captured for posterity, and the infamous Starmakers photos have resurfaced again and again.

No wonder one of the first things Mary did right after her wedding, was to write the Starmakers owner, Teresa Page, to ask her to take the photos down from the website.

She is a chubby, flabby armed, greasy haired girl with tight lycra and spandex, and the most atrocious shoes, she screams “I’m vulgar”.

Look at this shoulder pose. The nasty smirking look over the fat shoulder. If that is not a photo of someone screaming out to be made over – from trash to posh – I don’t know what is.

She can’t help her fucked up eyes – each looking in a different direction.

These are just a few of the Starmakers photos that have made the rounds out there. The sad thing is that the photos aren’t the worst part of it all.

Mary’s comment on the course defies description, it is clearly an attempt by someone to make themselves sound grander – as she still does now – and fails miserably:

“What I have experienced – much and varied. Probably one of the strongest elements is the connection between mind and body, not only that a connection exists but how to develop it and work it to your advantage. As an absolute novice, I walk away with the understanding and appreciation of the industry and the requisite tools and techniques to progress in the industry. And one final thing, it was delivered from an experienced experience. Thank you. Mary Donaldson.”

Uh. Okay.

Since then, Mary has claimed she took the course before meeting Frederik, while Teresa Page says that Mary was there in October/November 2000, AFTER meeting Fred on September 16 at the Slip Inn. Tsk, tsk, Mary.

Did you know there’s also videos of Mary at Starmakers?  Stomping down the catwalk like a hulking gorilla?

Yeah.  So poised and klassy, eh?

Look at the piece of shit shoes this twat – who says she was “destined” to meet and marry Frederik – was wearing often.

Miss Prada Missoni Louboutin used to dress like a cheap whore!

Yeah, that’s Miss To The Manor Born for ya.

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2 Responses to Refreshing your memory – STARRRRRRRRMAKERS!!!

  1. Elissa says:

    These pictures should be shown anytime someone on internet is gushing about Mary ‘s “naturally chic style”…

  2. HOXX says:

    I would just l-u-r-v-e to see that video of sister doing the ‘simian saunter’ down the catwalk, bad posture, greasy mane, the works! That Starmakers bogan is still lurking under the surface to this very day, she just ain’t got it, the TaroonaTart!

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